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Flavored Butter for Sale at Barrel Butter

Searching for high quality and tasty custom made flavored butter? Well you’ve landed on the right web site because we have great tasting and affordable flavored butter for sale. At Barrel Butter, we offer a wide variety of flavored butter that is perfect to top your favorite steak, fish, seafood or chicken dish.

Or have you tried flavored butter for corn on the cob? It’s fantastic. Our flavored butter is also great on your favorite bread, pastas or any vegtable, to be honest, the flavored butter possibilities are endless!

We offer a variety of tasty flavored butters:

Looking for flavored butter recipes?

Over the years we have comprised an impressive list of recipes to incorporate our flavored butters to that will enhance steaks, chicken, fish, pastas and vegetables. Try out a Barrel Butter flavored butter with your next favorite meal. Click here for flavored butter recipes.

Are you looking for Compound Butter, Finishing Butter or Infused Butter?

Compound, finishing, infused and flavored butter are one in the same, at the end of the day, it’s flavored butter, and might we say flavored butter that makes any dish taste better!


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